Emma Watson Underwear Flash!

9 July 2009

emma-watson-underwear-flashWith all the misery and sadness in the world, it can make you wonder if there really is a God. And then you get a moment like this, where the wind blows Emma Watson’s dress open revealing her panties, and you know for certain that God exists, and he is definitely a man! Emma was at the London premiere for the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Something Something I Don’t Care, and in typical London style, the whether wasn’t exactly cooperating. Or was it!? I say we all witnessed a little miracle there folks. Now, if she hadn’ been wearing any underwear, that would have been a miracle on the scale of Moses leading the slaves out of Egypt!
Also, in those first two pictures, you can see some nice Emma Watson side boob cleavage.
Check out lots more pictures of Emma looking super cute after the jump.

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